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SeaWings Factory is a manufacturer supplier of business cases, computer cases, catalogue cases, backpacks, luggage, luggage accessories, duffle bags, casual bags, executive writing pads, and custom requests. SeaWings Factory has made a mark on the travel goods industry, boasting offices and showrooms in the United States, Canada, and Thailand. The 220,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Thailand sets SeaWings Factory above the competitions in terms of fulfilling custom and made-to-order requests. SeaWings Factory manufactures some of the most prestigious well-known brand including Kenneth Cole, Travelpro, Calvin Klein and McKleinUSA

About Our Company

For over 25 years, SeaWings Factory has been committed to providing the highest quality in luggage and leather goods at the most competitive price. SeaWings Factory has been anticipating, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

How we do

We have been exporting travel goods for over 25 years and have the proven ability to provide you with the following:

-Lowest possible prices due to the very large volumes we produce for our long term customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada,Australia, Germany, Japan, and Greece.

-Highest possible quality as we have been working closely with the best Thailand factories for over 25 years and have our own Quality Control staff based in the factory.

Our Partner

US Exclusive Partner
McKlein Company L.L.C.
4447 W Cortland
Chicago, IL 60639 USA
Telephone:(773) 235-0600
Fax:(773) 235-0615
Contact:Sales Department Email:sales@mckleincompany.com


SeaWings Factory has over 25 years of experience in the business and travel case industry and can help you design a custom case that will suit your specific needs.
If you are looking for production-run quantities of custom products designed specifically to hold one or more of your company’s products, please contact our OEM Specialist at Sea Wings Factory  via email at OEM Sales.

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