Sea Wings Factory

World Leader in Luggage & Leather Goods Manufacturing.


Sea Wings Factory has a unique capability to design and manufacture varieties of product types according to your needs and requirements.


Starting in 2003, Sea Wings Factory also has been granted exclusive license for distribution of McKleinUSA brand through out Southeast Asia.


For over 35 years, Sea Wings Factory, a family-owned business, has been committed to providing the highest quality in luggage and leather goods at the most competitive price. It is one of the world’s largest facilities in the industry, and operated by highly skilled craftsmen. The manufacturing process is modernized and performed using sophisticated technology to enhance our capabilities and craftsmanship.


Sea Wings Factory is a manufacturer and supplier of business cases, computer cases, catalogue cases, backpacks, luggage, luggage accessories, duffle bags, casual bags, executive writing pads, and custom requests. Sea Wings Factory has made a mark on the travel goods industry, boasting offices and showrooms in the United States, Canada, and Thailand. The 220,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Thailand sets Sea Wings Factory above the competitions in terms of fulfilling custom and made-to-order requests. Sea Wings Factory manufactures some of the most prestigious well-known brand including Kenneth Cole, Travelpro, Calvin Klein and McKleinUSA.


Sea Wings Factory's commitment to providing high-quality luggage and leather goods combined with decades of manufacturing experience mean that we are able to deliver highly customized products at a competitive price. Sea Wings Factory uses only the highest-quality materials.The best quality logo options including moulded metal logos, laser engraved metal logos, multicolor rubber logos, embroidery, and process screen printing To ensure this, we have formed partnerships with the world's leading luggage and leather goods providers. Aggressive technology development and a full array of products for every type of user enable us to consistently surpass industry standard


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